Read this before buying!

We're excited to have you as a customer.

Before you make a purchase however, please take the time to understand how we work.  This is a new website for us.  Everything offered for sale on this site is simultaneously for sale in our store. We are currently using different software programs for the store and the website. They are not synchronized. This means there could be some overlap and every so often items listed for sale on the site could have  just been sold in the store. In the unlikely chance this happens to you, you will be notified and you money will be promptly refunded. You will be added to the waiting list for a similar item. The best practice is to call the store just before making the purchase. We will put a hold on the item and make sure no one else in the store can buy it. Before final purchase you can call us and request more photos and information. Please do not text or email but rather call us on the phone.